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Well&come Dogs H. Los Robles

The service costs 10 € (per dog), 6 € for the second successive dog like this, which can be paid before or after the path.
– The route runs for 1 ½ hours, normal is the collection and delivery of the dog in the same place.
– We are professional trainers (we use positive training) and have insurance that covers the activity.
– Never let go of the dogs during the route.
– We have to comply with current regulations regarding dogs classified as potentially dangerous, so these dogs must be muzzled and owner have the insurance corresponding (but it’s not necessary to show it). For our part, since Canaimara not criminalize any race and understand that any of these dogs can be as good as any other, but we have to comply with regulations and lately also in this regard the authorities are much more serious. There have been recent cases of penalty for this reason.
– In the same way we can not accept service dogs with serious behavior problems, especially dogs that have aggression problems with other dogs or people.
– We made photos during the route after we send, free of charge, to the customer via e-mail, this consent.

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